Bandwagon fans are the worst

With the Leafs on the rise, be prepared for the dormant fans to emerge from hibernation and spread idiocy like a plague.

Everyone hates bandwagon fans but I guarantee you that I hate them more than anybody.

I despise bandwagon fans.

Now, I haven’t had too much of an exposure to them because the Leafs have been god-awful for over 10 years. But ever since the Blue Jays had a record season offensively, the BWs (BandWagonners) came out in full force and rekindled my deep hatred.

Here is why I hate BWs:

  1. They have all the merchandise

Because they are normally pretty rich and want to prove to everybody that they’re a         fan.

      2.They go to a lot of the games

Because they’re rich and want to prove to everybody that they’re a “hardcore” fan that is always with the team.

      3. They get frustrated really easily

Every loss is the end of the world and every win is a free ticket to troll the losing team. Making everyone else think that they are what all Toronto fans are like. (We are not all disrespectful)

 4.They always think the coach/manager is the problem

Ex. Fire Gibbons, Mike Babcock isn’t actually a good coach. I’m sorry, I think I                     missed something. When did the coach/manager start playing the game?

       5.They hate one player for life based on one poor game

One player is always the reason for the team’s demise.  They hate a player and refuse to acknowledge all the good things. Ex. Hate R.A Dickey even though he has pitched phenomenally in Post Season games and had somewhat of a decent ERA, and they hate Morgan Rielly even though he has the worst workload of the entire defensive core. It’s a team game folks.

       6.They want to trade everybody for short term goals

They want to win but they don’t want to be good for the next ten years because they are too impatient to watch the team that long. Ex. Trade Nylander (youth), Stroman              (youth).

       7.They are not familiar with the team’s history unless it is within the 5-month range

Ex. Forget all the awful trades that Alex Anthopulous did before the Donaldson trade,            forget everytime the Leafs management tried to speed up the rebuild.


If you’re a recent fan, that’s okay. Everybody has to start out somewhere.

But if you have the audacity to say anything that is hateful and half-baked towards the team that I have been following for years,

I hate you as well.





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