BBBB (Biagini to Buffalo, Barnes is Back)

The Blue Jays have sent pitcher Joe Biagini down to their Triple A affiliate, the Buffalo Bisons and in return, they have called up reliever Danny Barnes.

At first, I didn’t like the move too much because Biagini is much better than Barnes and I would much rather have him start over Valdez, but after some thought, it started making more sense.

Biagini is a rule-five pick who had a break out season last year. He was so good, that when the Blue Jays’ pitching rotation got devastated by injuries, he was called to replace one of the starters. Since then, he has been constantly switching back and forth between a starting pitcher and a reliever. That kind of transition can cause a lot of fatigue, especially for a pitcher who is still new to the major leagues.

It’s August and Biagini has already surpassed his previous innings pitched by 19 and there are still 72 games to play. Going down to the minors will settle his routine down and when he’s ready to come back, he will be a much more consistent and stronger pitcher.


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