Lamoriello is letting Brown’s contract mellow

Connor Brown has still not been extended by the Maple Leafs, but it will happen soon right? RIGHT? Because of this, I have decided to make a guess as to what his contract will be.

A major part in guessing contracts is a precedence. Personally, I think Connor Brown has the similar playing style, age, and role as Zach Hyman. Since Hyman signed for four-years at 2.25 per,  it’s safe to assume that Brown will get a similar looking paycheck.

But remember, Brown had much better offensive numbers than Hyman (Hyman: 10 goals and 18 assists vs. Brown: 20 goals and 16 assists) so naturally, he will get more money.

My final guess? Four years at 3 per.

When JvR walks next season, the Leafs will need an established NHL winger to take his place. Connor Brown can be that winger.





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