MLB All-Star game prediction

Tonight is the 88th MLB All-Star game and millions of fans are shaking in anticipation for the game to start.

Haha yeah right.

*DISCLAIMER: I hate all All-Star games*

The MLB All-Star game, like all the other all-star games in professional sports leagues, is nothing more than a cash cow. And a rather ineffective one at that. No one wants to see a bunch of players – no matter how talented – not try on the field. Especially with the “winner of the All-Star game gets home-field advantage in the World Series” rule revoked, there are 0 reasons for any of the players to risk injury to win this game.

The MLB All-Star game is supposed to showcase the best talent in the league. It is meant to inspire the younger generations to get interested in baseball. Hopefully, the competitive spirits within each player will be enough to bail the league out of this horrific gimmick.





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