Identity of the Blue Jays

Since the Blue Jays have been doing well lately, it is the perfect time to write this blog post.

Every team in every sport has an identity that they build based on the type of players that they acquire. The Baltimore Orioles are a power-hitting team, the Cleveland Indians are a fast and versatile team, and the San Francisco Giants have a shut-down pitching rotation.

What are the Blue Jays?

The Blue Jays do not “fabricate runs”. They are a team that relies heavily on their pitchers to pitch gems and for their stars to hit a couple of bombs. This recipe has been successful for them in the past few years (consecutive ALCS appearances) but can be extremely enraging when the home runs don’t come and they are constantly stranding baserunners.

People get very angry at this sometimes. They yell at the players to sacrifice bunt or to hit singles, but look at this team’s lineup. They are filled to the rim with homerun hitters. Are you seriously telling me that you would rather Josh Donaldson bunt than hit for the fences? Tulowitzki? Martin? Morales? Travis? Smoak? Of course not.

This is the gamble that comes with power lineups. They always hit for power, but when these batters get hot, it’s a hell of fun to watch. So, the next time the Blue Jays are in a slump, stop yelling at them to “fabricate runs”. That is not what this team does and until they make drastic changes, this is who they are.


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