Justin Smoak vs. Edwin Encarnacion

Disclaimer: I know that this is not an end-all-be-all comparison, I just wanted to put the spotlight on how well Justin Smoak’s been playing so far.


I knew that Justin Smoak was having a career year, but I did not realize how dominant he has been until I made that chart. This is not meant to be a slight against Encarnacion, he is a historically slow starter, this chart is meant to show Smoak’s dominance early in the season. He is currently second in the MLB with 18 homeruns, he leads the team in RBIs, batting average, and OBP.

For many people, this is just a hot start for Smoak and he will eventually regress to his strike-outing ways. But these stats are from 61 games which is quite the sample size, even for baseball. He’s being more patient which is evident with his 21 walks. Yes, he will regress, but I think that we are seeing a new page in Justin Smoak’s career.


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