Joe Biagini’s future

The Blue Jays currently 2 starting pitchers on the disabled-list in Francisco Liriano and J.A. Happ. They need some quality starts from other pitchers and that is what Joe Biagini is giving them, but for how long?

There is not a doubt in my mind that Joe Biagini would make a phenomenal starter. He has all the tools available to make this happen, but that is not what the Blue Jays need right now. They need relievers in the bullpen in which they can trust, and Biagini is one of the few that they can put their full trust in at the moment.

However, if you look into next season, Marco Estrada, Francisco Liriano are UFAs, and Biagini can take Liriano’s spot in the rotation. So, Joe Biagini might not be the full-time starter this season, but he certainly can earn a sport next season.

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