The return of the parrot

Edwin Encarnacion is back in Toronto, but this time as the visitor. I have two conflicting feelings about his return and I would like to share them so that I can properly vent my frustration.

He needs to be booed

Last July, Kevin Durant got hell for joining the team that beat him in the playoffs. Encarnacion did the same thing, yet no one is freaking out over it. Not to forget the fact that he joined them for less money (that was a bad mistake on everybody’s part, but still.) He played for Toronto for seven and a half years. You would think that he would accept a hometown discount, but I guess he couldn’t care less about the Toronto Blue Jays.

He deserves a standing ovation

Edwin played for the Blue Jays for seven and a half years. He’s been through some tough times and hit the clutch home run against the Orioles, propelling the Jays to their second consecutive post-season appearance. He hit 239 home runs and had 679 RBIs in 999 games played with the club. He deserves a warm ovation tonight,

Whatever side you’re on, we can all agree that Encarnacion was a huge part of this team and contributed mightily to the Blue Jays’ success. He will be missed dearly.





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