Eastern Conference Round 2 – Predictions

One round down, three more to go. The Stanley Cup playoffs have already claimed eight victims. Which teams are next?

New York Rangers vs. Ottawa Senators


Ottawa pulled an upset when they beat the Boston Bruins, and they are definitely the underdogs against the New York Rangers. Henrik Lundqvist has a .947 save percentage and they have been scoring on a pretty consistent basis, but Ottawa has all the advantage offensively, and Craig Anderson can stand on his head for quite a while if necessary. With Erik Karlsson playing the way he is, not many people can stop him, and he has been known to carry his team on his back for long periods of time. Especially when he is playing an average of thirty minutes a game. That is absolutely unbelievable. With Anderson and Karlsson at the top of their game, New York stands absolutely no chance.


Washington Capitals vs Pittsburgh Penguins


When it takes them six nail-biting games to defeat the Maple Leafs, what chance do they have at defeating the Stanley Cup defenders? Washington is a great team on paper, but they are very weak in the mental game. Their past haunts them every game and you can feel it when you watch the games. It sort of feels like Washington is expecting something to go wrong. On the other side, Pittsburgh took care of business efficiently, giving them valuable time to rest and regroup. They are playing with minimal pressure on them because they already won, and this is not meant to be their year. It’s meant to be Washington’s. With a tandem of Matt Murray and Marc-Andre Fleury, goaltending is the least of your worries. They have three potent offensive lines, and their defence without Kris Letang is still formidable. The Penguins are such a deep team, and that will really help them in the playoffs, especially late into the series. This is the series to watch.





Image retrieved from: https://www.google.ca/search?q=ovechkin+vs+crosby&safe=strict&espv=2&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiq6Znujb7TAhUE5YMKHVZyCXEQ_AUICCgD&biw=1423&bih=671#imgrc=KUUOndNaB4fyBM:

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