Breathe, just breathe.

The Leafs lost to the Capitals 2-1 with just over a minute into overtime. I was devastated, but you have to take a step back and realize what is happening right now. The second wildcard team, the Toronto Maple Leafs, are down in the series 3-2 against the Presidents Trophy winning Washington Capitals. The Leafs are missing their best penalty killer and veteran presence in Roman Polak, and Frederik Andersen is having a pretty playoff performance so far.

The Leafs, who were considered the major underdogs of this series, is still alive and already outlasted the Chicago Blackhawks and the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Auston Matthews leads the team in playoff goals so far.

The total goals in this series as of now is 16-15 in favour of Washington and they have gone to overtime for 4 of the 5 games. This series is tight.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are playing some of their best hockey as of late, and that is without the stellar Andersen that we have seen for most of the season. Now, they are on their way back to the ACC, this time as the desperate team.

And finally, please keep in mind that the Leafs are on year two of their rebuild, whereas Washington is at the peek of their power. The fact that this series has been so tight shows the resiliency and determination of this young Leafs team.

So Leafs fans, just breathe. Relax. And understand what this team is playing for. They are playing to gain experience and to make all their opponents’ lives miserable. Enjoy every second of this playoff run because we don’t seem to get a lot of them in Leafs Nation.

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