Leafs vs Caps Game 2 – Bells from hell

Last night’s game was personally the craziest game I have ever witnessed. I was at my friend’s house and when I asked them if we could watch the Leafs game, they said four words that will forever haunt my nightmares.

“We don’t have cable.”

I started to panic but then I realized that I could just listen to Joe Bowen on the radio. So that’s what I ended up doing for the first 2 periods. Then my friends realized that only the basement TV didn’t have cable, but the upstairs one did. So I plopped myself onto the couch and watched the third period. And the first overtime. Then, 9 minutes into the second overtime, the channel got replaced by the Ducks and Flames game. AND WE COULDN’T FIND THE LEAFS GAME BECAUSE ALL THE CHANNELS WERE NOW ON THE DUCKS AND FLAMES. THANKS A LOT BELL. That is officially the last time I use the Bell. They totally let me down.

So here I am, scrambling to find the right channel and then I get a text message from my friend Emily telling me that the Leafs won.




I told everyone and we all burst into yells of joy. It was magical.

My only regret?

Using Bell because I missed Kapanen’s overtime winning goal because the channel switched on its own 2 minutes prior.


Bell ruined that game for me? And all the fans in the Washington stands were given BELLS to ring during the game? Coincidence? I think not.





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