The Leafs are one special breed

Every Leafs fan went into the season with next to zero expectations. Everyone seemed to be very calculated when they tried to predict the 2016-2017 season. They compared Auston Matthews to an Anze Kopitar (which basically means that he won’t score too much), everyone thought that the Leafs would get 60-70 points and still be in a good position for a high draft pick. Boy, were we all wrong.

But that’s a double edged sword. The higher you fly, the steeper the drop. And that is exactly the case with these Toronto Maple Leafs. They are surpassing expectations left and right, which means that everytime they show some inexperience and mess up, your heart cracks a little more.

I had zero expectations for this summer, but the clinching game against Pittsburgh almost killed me and my heart was an overtime away from exploding with stress. When they lost to Columbus, sealing their fate to play Washington, I was crushed. A week ago, even a year ago, I would’ve thought that making the playoffs would’ve been so awesome. Yesterday’s Washington game could’ve been a win, but they blew a 2 goal lead and lost in overtime.

Now, I am just left with a bitter taste in my mouth because they were so close so many times. That’s how the Leafs break your heart, They are always so close and then they pull the rug from under themselves and you are left broken.

For some reason, I am still a fan.

After all these years of heartbreak and devastation, I continue to support them.

And I will continue supporting them because I love this team and I will never stop loving this team until the day I die.





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