Canada internationally (hockey)

With the Winter Olympics coming up next year and the NHL refusing to go, I’m going to offer my unpopular opinion.

Canada is so good at hockey that it’s boring to watch the international competitions. (except for the World Juniors)

Look at the World Cup. That was cute but really, who actually had a shot at beating Canada? The US was a joke, the Russians have no defense, and Sweden got eliminated by EUROPE. The whole tournament felt like Canada was just playing with their food and it sort of got a little repetitive to watch.

I love watching Canada internationally, but man, it’s not even a competition anymore. It’s who can put up the best fight.

Don’t get me wrong, I want NHL players to go, they should have the right to represent their own countries, but which country can possibly compete with Canada?

One little thing, I’m not saying the players shouldn’t go because no one can beat Canada, I’m saying that it will be boring to watch for me personally because Canada is at their peak of hockey supremacy. Especially if the games are going to be at 5 in the morning. I love hockey, but I also need to keep my sanity.





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