The marathon begins

After watching 78 Maple Leafs games, that Blue Jays game was a painful reminder of how difficult it is to watch baseball. Every pitch is just stretched out and there are endless commercial breaks. It’s going to take me a while before getting back into the baseball groove.

If one game is a single indicator of the season, I think the Blue Jays have a really great season ahead of them. Sure they lost, but it was a nail biter and all our pitchers looked major league ready. The only problem is, the offence was it’s usual dormant self. Remember last season when everyone was waiting for the offence to break out and it never did? This game was a painful reminder of what our offence really is. A bunch of power hitters who swing for the fences.

Honestly, I’m getting a little sick of everybody wanting to be the hero. Yesterday, I kept noticing that our hitters were swinging for the fences when the count wasn’t even in their favour. I mean, that is just so frustrating to watch.

Kevin Pillar made some choice decisions in the outfield, but was pretty good with the bat. He was his normal jittery self but managed to get a walk. A walk. Kevin Pillar walked. Yes, you read that right.

Marco Estrada was amazing yesterday. He struggled a bit in the first couple of innings, but once he found his groove, he was un-hittable. At one point in the game, he retired 10 straight. Our relievers shut down a potent Orioles lineup and one mistake by Jason Grilli on Mark Trumbo ended it.

All in all, it was a long game, but there was plenty of drama and emotion.

This is just the first of many nail-biters folks.





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