Interesting Toronto media situation

Toronto media, especially the hockey media is in a bit of a predicament. People are being unreasonably furious at websites like Sportsnet for being “Toronto centric”. No kidding. They are a sports broadcasting station located in TORONTO. Of course they’re going to talk about TORONTO teams. Why on earth would you expect detailed reports about the Arizona Coyotes from Toronto based media? That is absolutely ridiculous.

But here is where things get interesting. Everyone outside of Toronto is sick and tired of hearing about the Maple Leafs, and that’s mainly due to the fact that they have been a bad team for 50 years and are still considered the center of hockey in the world. Other fans want to see their teams being recognized for their achievements and now it’s causing sort of a “political-correctness” situation in Toronto hockey-based media. They now have to cover all the teams in the NHL in extensive detail and everytime they post about the Leafs, you see all hell break loose in the comment sections.

This situation has caused this Maple Leafs season to almost fly under the radar. No one constantly hyping up Auston Matthews because if they do, they are almost forced to also write about the other 14 rookies that were selected in the lottery. Because if they don’t, they are going to seem “biased”.

This Maple Leafs team has a historical crop of young rookies and the league is barely batting an eye.

I’m not saying that the media league-wide isn’t noticing the rookies, I’m saying that the enthusiasm over this team seems really low. This team seems underappreciated.

Think about a few years back when David Clarkson came to the Leafs. The hype for that guy was huge and he didn’t even turn out too great.

Now we have Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner, William Nylander, Connor Brown, Nikita Soshnikov, Nikita Zaitsev, Connor Carrick, the list of young talented players goes on and on but yet,

no one seems to be super excited about this.

It’s weird how now that the Leafs are finally good, there is no over-hyping from the media. I’m not used to this.

Are you?





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