Dare to dream

I get it. It’s been 50 years of absolute pain and suffering. Everytime something seemed to go the Leafs’ way, management, the players, or other teams would find a way to shatter our dreams.

But this year is different.

This next century will be different. The Leafs are young. They are talented. And they refuse to let the past creep up and haunt them as was the undoing of many past Leafs alumni.

With 7 games left to play in the 2016-2017 NHL regular season, the Leafs sit third in the Atlantic with 87 points. The consensus around the league is that you need 94 points to make the playoffs. The Leafs are 7 points away and need just a record of 2-4-1 to reach the bare minimum. That is absolutely doable especially if you look at their schedule.

7. Nashville

6. Detroit (should be 2 points)

5. Buffalo (should be 2 points but they suck at Keybank Center)

4. Washington

3. Tampa Bay (If you’re a playoff team, you should be able to beat Tampa.)

2. Pittsburgh (They have already clinched so they could be really laid back in this game. The Leafs must take advantage of that.

1. Columbus (You’ve beaten them before)

Their schedule is not a cakewalk, but I definitely see them getting more than the bare minimum for points. This team is good and they know that as well. They will make the playoffs because this is a new chapter in Maple Leafs history.

It’s time to let go of the past and dare to dream.





Image retrieved from: http://media.zuza.com/a/6/a6b1308a-50a8-4069-afb5-dd12c83617af/LeafNationPrayer0510___Gallery.jpg





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