Is Mike Babcock overrated?

No. Absolutely not.

Following yesterday’s massacre, the bandwagon fans have started to pile onto Mike Babcock for the team’s lack of effort in that game. I just have a couple of problems about this theory.

What’s the difference between golf and hockey? Yes. One is an individual sport and the other is a team sport.

So why is one person supposed to be the reason for an entire teams’ lack of effort? Use some common sense.

Mike Babcock was not the reason why the Leafs lost that game. He doesn’t have a stick or skates. He doesn’t score or block a shot, why is it his fault?

Bandwagon fans say that he is just a lucky coach who gets all the good teams and that he really has no talent at all.

I totally disagree.

Look at some of the players who have totally changed for the better under Mike Babcock.

Nazem Kadri

Before he seemed like a bust. He wouldn’t do any of the defense part of the game but now he’s one of the best two way centres of the league. Who influenced him to make the transition from a pure offensive centre to a Selke contending centre? Mike Babcock.

Jake Gardiner

A lot of people don’t like him but he has made huge offensive strides since Mike Babcock arrived and his confidence was soaring until a few weeks ago. Carlyle hated him but Babcock saw potential and molded Gardiner to the confident offensive defenseman he is today.

Tyler Bozak

Now you may give most of the credit of Bozak’s improvement to the upgrade of the winger in the form of Mitch Marner, but Mike Babcock was also a huge influence. Before, Bozak was considered the no. 1 centre of the Maple Leafs but under Babcock, he is now a solid no. 2 with remarkable faceoff winning skills.

You can see that under Mike Babcock, every player has a purpose. I don’t know about you, but I do tasks a lot better when I know what my end goal is. It’s the same with these players. They are revitalized when they are given specific tasks by Mike Babcock to complete and that’s what makes this team such a threat.

There is no way that Mike Babcock is a bad or overrated coach. He is the best in the world and it is evident when Canada plays internationally. He does things that an average fan will not see or even care about.

And honestly, I don’t think Mike Babcock gives a rat’s ass about what uneducated and ignorant fans have to say about him.







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