Freddie is back folks!

Frederik Andersen has been his steady self lately and that can only mean one thing. Let the wins roll in! When the Leafs were winning consistently in December and January, Frederik Andersen was their best and most important player.

He still is. Look at what happened to this team when he was struggling. Look at how much this team improved in back to back games since they got Curtis McElhinney. Goaltending is the most important part of a winning team.

Just look at Winnipeg and Dallas. They have a fantastic team but they don’t have a fantastic goalie. When Columbus got hot, Brobovsky was a wall. Look at the first game of the season. Auston Matthews scored 4 goals but Andersen (Frederik) couldn’t stop a puck which ended up in a loss.

Goaltending is the difference between a good team and a great team and now that Andersen is getting hot, the Leafs are going to get hot.

What a time to be a Leafs fan.





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