Excuses for the Leafs?

You hear it all around the league and media. “The Leafs are young and will make mistakes.” That was true 6 months ago. Now the “rookies” have played over 60 NHL games and are everywhere in league and franchise records. They’re not rookies anymore and they shouldn’t be treated as such.

A common excuse is that the NHL season is long and a grind. How is that an excuse? It’s true that the season is long and the sport is violent in nature, but these are young athletes that we’re talking about! Their bodies are supposed to heal like the Wolverine!

What do old people always say when they feel sore? “Oh I wish that I was younger!” Well these players are young so they shouldn’t have anything to worry about!

They get tons of after game treatment and their nutrition and exercise is closely monitored. These players are trained at a young age to be elite athletes so I don’t understand what the fuss is about.

Nope, I don’t buy these excuses. The only one that I understand is the mental aspect of the game. NHL games are fast paced and one mistake can cost you a game. That is the hardest adjustment to make when you’re transitioning to the NHL but these players got it. They’ve blown enough leads to understand that. Now it’s a matter of executing it.

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