Critical Crunch Time

The Leafs snap a 5 game losing streak and win in somewhat convincing fashion to give themselves a chance in this extremely close playoff race. That game just further proved my point on the “they play 57 minutes of golden hockey and 3 minutes of absolute trash”.

With 17 games left in the regular season, there is no better time than now to get hot. Andersen looked spectacular again, the fourth line is now a tough, bruising, offensive threat, and Mitch Marner is getting hot again. It’s time to capitalize on their pretty laid back schedule and leap into a playoff spot.

Listen, if you consider yourself a playoff contender, then there are teams that you are expected to beat. Of those 17 games left, 7 of them are must beat teams. (Philadelphia, Carolina, Tampa Bay, and Detroit) That should be 14 points right there. And if you want to be competitive in the playoffs, you better give teams like Chicago, Boston, and Columbus a tough fight.

The Maple Leafs are soaring above expectations right now. For crying out loud they are competing for a freaking playoff spot! But that doesn’t mean that missing the playoffs is okay. They have the ability to make it. We’ve all seen it.

Now’s the time to show the league that the Maple Leafs are finally for real.

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