Minutes Matter

What better time to lose five straight than right in the middle of a close playoff race am I right? Here’s the thing. I can blab on and on about the future, I could talk about how these players are mainly rookies, but I’m not.

The Leafs aren’t playing particularly bad hockey, in fact, they are playing way better than I would’ve ever imagined at the beginning of the season, but I’ve been noticing a pattern.

They tend to play 57 minutes of NHL quality hockey and 3 minutes of absolute garbage. Just look at last night’s game against the Ducks. We were up 2-1 and blew it in less than 20 seconds, we blew the lead. It takes the Leafs 20 seconds for everything to fall apart. That’s absolutely terrifying and sadly, I’ve started to grow accustomed to it. That’s when I realized that this is actually a common event with the Leafs so I decided to look into the numbers.

The Leafs have played 64 games this season and have given up 2 goals 25 times. That’s 39% and of that 39%, they have lost 17 of them. That is ridiculous. Let me break this down even further.

2 goals given up in less than 3 minutes: 8 times

2 goals given up in less than 2 minutes: 9 times

2 goals given up in less than 1 minute: 8 times  


Yes, you read that right. The Leafs have given up 2 goals in less than a minute 8 times. This was so eye opening for me and it made me wonder if we could even make it to the playoffs if we continue this trend.

We play quality hockey for the majority of the game but if we ever plan on making it to the playoffs, we need to change the majority to entire.






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