Best rotation in baseball?

Marcus Stroman said that the Blue Jays have the best rotation “hands down”. Is that true?

Well, people are pretty pissed at him for saying that because he didn’t exactly have the best season ever in 2015-2016 and his confidence tends to run people the wrong way.

It also doesn’t help that we are talking about the Toronto Blue Jays, an irrelevant CANADIAN baseball team that is no match for superior AMERICAN baseball.

Also, the Red Sox made a huge splash this off season in acquiring Chris Sale. They now have a rotation filled with well known stars like David Price and Drew Pomeranz whereas the Blue Jays have a lot of pitchers who are still unfamiliar to the casual fan such as J.A. Happ and Francisco Liriano.

Lets put all that hate bias to the side and see which team has the best pitching rotation in the MLB.

Toronto Blue Jays

Marco Estrada’s ERA: 3.48

J.A. Happ’s ERA: 3.18

Francisco Liriano’s ERA: 4.69 (2.92 with the Blue Jays)

Aaron Sanchez’s ERA: 3.00

Marcus Stroman’s ERA: 4.37

Rotation average ERA: 3.744


Boston Red Sox

Chris Sale’s ERA: 3.34

Rich Porcello’s ERA: 3.32

David Price’s ERA: 3.99

Eduardo Rodriguez’s ERA: 4.71

Drew Pomeranz’s ERA: 3.32

Rotation average ERA: 3.736


Baltimore Orioles

Chris Tillman’s ERA: 3.77

Kevin Gausman’s ERA: 3.61

Dylan Bundy’s ERA: 4.02

Wade Miley’s ERA: 5.37

Ubaldo Jimenez’s ERA: 5.44

Rotation average ERA: 4.442


New York Yankees

Masahiro Tanaka’s ERA: 3.07

C. C. Sabathia’s ERA: 3.91

Michael Pineda’s ERA: 4.82

Chad Green’s ERA: 4.73

Luis Severino’s ERA: 5.83

Rotation average ERA: 4.472


Tampa Bay Rays

Chris Archer’s ERA: 4.02



Jake Odorizzi’s ERA: 3.69

Matt Andriese’s ERA: 4.37

Blake Snell’s ERA: 3.54

Alex Cobb’s ERA: 8.59

Rotation average ERA: 4.842

As you can plainly see, the Boston Red Sox have and ERA that is 0.002 better than the Blue Jays, therefore they have the better rotation. I’m kidding.

I think that they both have equal strength with last season’s numbers. There are plenty of pitchers in both rotations that have exceeded their career norms such as J.A. Happ and Steven Wright so it will be interesting to see if all the pitchers can pitch to their full potential.

2017-2018 is going to be an interesting AL East race.





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